Integrated Comprehensive Droplet Digital Detection - IC 3D®

Our IC3D® platform has been engineered to deliver enrichment-free analytical results in minutes for testing of pathogenic agents, such as bacteria, viruses, genes, and cancer biomarkers. In addition to the high-sensitivity, our system has been designed to process crude samples eliminating the laborious steps involved in traditional biochemical analysis such as centrifugation, pipetting, and filtration. Our technology has the potential to improve patient outcomes by providing healthcare professionals with the most relevant and accurate information quickly.  The result of which is reduced healthcare costs and lowered patient re-visits.


High morbidity and mortality associated with pathogenic agents, such as multidrug-resistant bacteria, are due, in part, to the inability of healthcare professionals to rapidly detect, treat, and monitor patient health at the early stages of infection. At present, most detection platforms are limited by design because they require target enrichment periods, such as culturing, to bring target levels to detectable thresholds.  Many of these systems rely on signal amplification systems, such as PCR, to reliably measure signal output. Combined, these systems require extensive incubation, processing, and data analysis periods that can last days and weeks putting the patient at greater risk when they are weakest and most vulnerable.

IC3D has been designed to quickly deliver results when they are needed most

Technical Background

IC3D® integrates real-time sensing systems, droplet microencapsulation, and high-throughput particle counting systems to provide absolute target identification and quantification in crude samples with extremely low target concentrations. In one single step, a crude sample is processed, analyzed, and the results delivered in minutes.


We have designed our IC3D® platform to easily accommodate the biochemical methods you trust most and are most familiar with, eliminating the need for extensive technical training. Take your preferred method of biochemical analysis, such as PCR, and let our IC3D® system do the rest.

Harnessing the power of the most advanced and trusted biochemical analytical methods

Velox’s pipeline of detection platforms will not only leverage the power of the most widely used biochemical methods, but we are combining them with state-of-the-art engineering and design to create a fully integrated one-step process.


Rapid detection systems dedicated to informing critical clinical decisions with trusted DNA, RNA, microRNA, microbial, and cancer analyses.


Rapid microbial detection and quantification for companies in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, water treatment, personal care, food, and beverage.